Of course, before you're willing to write "Undecided Party" on your ballot, you'll need to know where we stand on the important issues of the moment.

Well, the first thing you should know is that we won't be constantly repeating a handful of Focus Group Approved Catchphrases - hammering you over the head with statements that either mean nothing or that you already know.

Focus Group Approved Catchphrases are for the other parties, not for us - but without the aid of the highly manipulated sound bite or expensive mass media campaign, we had to find the next best way to declare the aims of the UDP while avoiding Focus Group Approved Catchphrases.

So, in order to avoid wasting your time with Focus Group Approved Catchphrases, we took unrehearsed questions from a random assortment of concerned, fictional voters, and answered them honestly, directly and without resorting to Focus Group Approved Catchphrases.

1 - What do you consider to be the Undecided Party's most important promise?

2 - Will the Undecided Party be trying to participate in any televised leadership debates?

3 - What's your opinion on 'attack ads' and 'negative campaigning?'

4 - Some people have suggested that a change in the electoral system, like moving to proportional representation, might increase voter turnout. How do you feel about this idea?

5 - How do I get fab abs?

6 - Are you planning to make any changes in the running of the House of Commons?

7 - College and University tuitions continue to climb across the country, meaning that many students are beginning their lives under a crushing student loan debt. What would the Undecided Party do about this?

8 - What will the Undecided Party do to reduce poverty across the country?

9 - Uhmm, who are your candidates?

10 - Although the separation issue has pretty much become a non-issue lately, it's unikely to go away entirely and the Bloc has to continue to claim sovereignty as it's reason for being. What's the Undecided Party's position on Quebec separation?

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