Portrait Maxwell Famish - Landscape Performance Artist

UDP Logo "College and University tuitions continue to climb across the country, meaning that many students are beginning their lives under a crushing student loan debt. What would the Undecided Party do about this?"

The Undecided Party's plan to attack student debt is twofold. First, every student loan application will automatically be mailed with a corresponding declaration of bankruptcy - to save unemployed graduates time, and streamline the processing of documents. The total value of the loan will also include the necessary fees to process the bankruptcy application.

(Many people don't realize that it actually costs money to be able to legally declare that you don't have any money, and unlike most corporations or some of the nation's wealthier families, most students aren't rich enough to be legally broke, so we feel it only fair to provide them with the same options as Canada's elite.)

Secondly, we believe that there should be incentives for keeping tuitions from rising even higher, especially at universities that claim poverty while embarking on multi-million dollar construction campaigns. Though we don't believe in legislated freezes, we at the Undecided Party would enact a more original inducement, to the effect that every time tuition costs are increased beyond the rate of inflation by any given college or university, the total annual compensation for each member that institution's Board of Governors will be reduced by the same percentage. Empathy and greed are powerful motivators, and we of the Undecided Party can't wait to see them in action.