Portrait Vera Lynch - Management Trainee

UDP Logo "What do you consider to be the Undecided Party's most important promise?"

We're glad you asked us that question, Vera Lynch. We of the Undecided Party consider our most important promise to be the promise to keep our promises!

-Unlike a certain federal Liberal leadership candidate who promised to quit if GST was enacted, tried to weasel out of it, and they only took a sabbatical in the form of a quick 'resignation'-and-straight-to-byelection she knew she would win,
-Unlike a certain Reform Party Leader who swore he would never move into Stornoway - the official residence of the leader of the opposition,
-Unlike a certain federal separatist party that promised that win or lose, it would not run after the 1995 referendum,
-(And let's not forget to congratulate Peter MacKay, who broke not only a verbal promise, but a signed agreement that clinched the leadership of his party before the federal campaign had even begun! That's it Peter - keep pushing that envelope!)

..the Undecided Party believes in keeping its promises! This sacred trust between campaigner and campaignee, so frequently sullied and debased over the years, will regain its revered position in the hands of the Undecided Party. Each and every promise will be an inviolable contract between the party and the electorate. We promise!

(All promises are subject to change without notice.)