Portrait Deseree Chartreuse - Hysterical Re-enactor

UDP Logo "Are you planning to make any changes in the running of the House of Commons?"

Having never sat in Parliament, Deseree Chartreuse, and being largely unfamiliar with its rules and practices, we don't currently have any far-reaching plans for change - but if elected, we do promise to make the title of "Honourable" a much more difficult appellation to obtain.

Let's be honest here - many of the 'Honourable Members' used less than honourable tactics to get elected in the first place. And as for the rest, just drop by CPAC (the House of Commons channel) some time and watch the 'nation's finest' in action, as they yell and howl and try to drown out whoever is speaking, and generally behave in a manner that wouldn't be tolerated in a 1st grade classroom - then decide how many you think deserve the right to put "Honourable" on their letterheads. This frequent disconnect between title and behaviour can only feed the cynicism that discourages voter turnout, and we feel a more realistic distribution of Honourables can only help to bring voters back to the polls.

If, on the other hand, they wish to refer to themselves as "The Elected," or "The Appointed" John/Jane Doe, that, at least, will be accurate.