Portrait Inez O'Connor - Freelance Proctologist

UDP Logo "Although the separation issue has pretty much become a non-issue lately, it's unikely to go away entirely and the Bloc has to continue to claim sovereignty as it's reason for being. What's the Undecided Party's position on Quebec separation?"

Well, Inez O'Connor, as Pierre Trudeau once said about the potential departure of Quebec from Canada, nothing lasts forever, and if some day the population of that province decides that it would rather be the population of its own nation, we at the UDP feel that -despite their geographically inconvenient location for such a situation- that desire should be accommodated...AS LONG AS Quebec recognizes the same right of areas within its boundaries -even those deep within the new nation's borders- to decide they'd rather stay in Canada, thank you very much. (Fair's fair after all, and we're confident that the theoretical leaders of an independent Quebec would see no problem in allowing its citizens the same right to choose their own destiny that Canada will have given the province in recognizing its independence.)

But in addition to the 'will we or won't we agree to separation' debate that fixates the attention of the other parties, the Undecided Party has an additional -and, we feel innovative and attractive- policy that we would implement if the country should ever be faced with Quebec's departure. If another referendum is called, and it is clear that the separation forces will win the vote, the UDP believes that the national government should immediately call a snap, coast to coast (excluding Quebec) referendum on the question of expelling the province of Quebec from Canada.

The final result might be the same in either case, but as we all know, it's always better to be the dumper than the dumpee.