Portrait Donald Rumpus - Mental Hygienist

UDP Logo What's your opinion on 'attack ads' and 'negative campaigning?'

Well, Donald Rumpus, it seems that negative campaigning is a sad fact of political life - though we must admit that when parties spend more time criticizing their opponents' leaders and policies than they do promoting their own, one has to wonder just how much confidence they have in their own direction.

Since such ads usually increase when a given party is feeling a bit desperate and feels that time is running out, we can probably all predict when and from which party(s) such ads are likely to appear - the only question will be whether this campaign's negative ads be as ham-handed and self-destructive as the infamous spot the Kim Campbell campaign aired against Jean Chretien.

As for the Undecided Party, unlike the other, less honourable, less ethical, less respectable, less responsible, and less worthy alternatives, we're above that sort of thing. We can absolutely guarantee that we will not place a single negative or attack ad on the television airwaves during this campaign - if for no other reason than the fact that we have no money to buy airtime. (See Take Part.)