Portrait Name withheld by request - Recently deposed Middle Eastern Dictator

UDP Logo"Some people have suggested that a change in the electoral system, like moving to proportional representation, might increase voter turnout. How do you feel about this idea?"

Well, Name withheld by request, even though proportional representation would greatly increase the chances of smaller parties (like ourselves) winning a seat or two in Parliament, we at the Undecided Party can't support such a change. It looks good in theory, but in practice, it looks like Italy, which has gone through more than 50 governments since World War II.

Here at the UDP, we have another idea that would, we're certain, create an explosion in voter turnout. Rather than proportional representation, or the current first past the post formula based on geographic ridings, we suggest a system of Representation By Income.

Instead of running for the population of a certain locale (after all, physical geography means less and less in these changing times), MP hopefuls would campaign for the right to represent various income brackets. (Some for those below poverty level, some for the 40-50 thousand per year bracket, some for the millionaire's club.) Naturally, since there are many more Canadians at the lower end of such a scale, they would elect more MPs and receive more representation in Ottawa - which is, of course, a 180-degree reversal of the current situation.

Ideally, candidates would come from the income strata they hope to represent - since, who would better understand the concerns of their constituents (and what would be more likely to convince voters that their MPs actually have a degree of empathy with their struggles).

Introduce the concept with your local candidates when thay come calling. It will be interesting to see if you can get any response more informative than an uncomfortable laugh and a, "No, but seriously.".