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Yes folks, as of 2013, we've finally reached the point where our old, cut-rate web authoring software is no longer compatible with our computer's operating system.

And since most of the site never changes, and we're damned if we're going to pay for and learn to to use a NEW piece of software while free and online hosts are out there just waiting for our rants,
we've decided to post any new News or Citizen Fink type materials on our new
WordPress site
(materials like August's coverage of a Prime Minister's Heartbreak and
The Hirsute of Happiness… (see below)),
with the rest of the 'static' content remaining in this location.

Who knows, at some point we may decide to migrate everything, but for the time being, this decade-old design will do.

After all, we don't even actually exist! What do you want from us!?

Undecided Party
of Canada!

The voice of more Canadians than any of the nations' 'mainstream' political parties (and representing 3.4 million more eligible voters than the 'victorious' Conservatives in the 2011 federal election), the UDP was founded on the realization that no matter which established party we vote for, the resulting administration will always be the same - and that's not a happy thought.

In recognition of that fact, and realizing that they could no longer in good conscience have any part in 'hiring' an applicant who, despite lying on his/her resume, failing to live up to promise of performance agreements, and doing an all-round lousy job, cannot be 'fired' for as long as four years, more than 38% of Canada's eligible voters chose not to choose in the last federal election - and many of those undecideds expressed their specific allegiance to this party by downloading and using UDP signs, bumper stickers, T-shirt designs, and the especially popular Do Not Disturb anti-campaigner door knob hanger. (See our "Take Part" page.)

Now, as we endure each new day of government and opposition (and the unlimited supply of bovine feces and self-satisfied arrogance that will come along with it), or endless election campaigns (and the unlimited supply of bovine feces and self-satisfied arrogance that will come along with them), we welcome returning visitors and invite newcomers to take a few minutes to familiarize themselves with this exciting -and undefeated- political disorganization and its fake political platform. (Not unlike most political platforms.)

In the meantime, we thank you for supporting the Undecided Party, the right-on write-in and the ultimate opt-out!


And once again, in commemoration of an election that will cost millions but likely change nothing (regardless of who's elected), the Undecided Party of Canada presents the "Sequels Suck" T-Shirt design line.

Simply download any or all of the designs below to use as a T-Shirt or simple sign (remember to flip the image in your printer's options settings if you're printing the design on iron-on transfer paper), and let the candidates of all parties know just how we feel about them wasting our time and money when they should be doing their jobs.



Changes on the Home Front!

As of mid-October 2013, we'll be updating our news items on our new Blog Page here.

Meanwwhile, our News and Citizen Fink links will now take you to our pre-Oct/13 Archives.



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