Welcome to the Undecided Party's cutting-edge Astroturf Campaign!

For those not familiar with the term, Astroturf is an exciting improvement on so-called 'grassroots' activism, where supporters can now simply copy and paste their opinions from our website into their emails - which are then sent to TV, radio, and print media outlets throughout the area. And while most Astroturf campaigns try to hide their common point of origin, the UDP proudly asserts that all the ideas you express are ours.

Have a look at our Astroturf letter, and feel free to paste it into an email, sign your name and forward it to your local media representatives.

Dear Editor, Sir, Madam, or Occupant,

I must write to tell you that I am shocked and appalled by the continuing lack of exposure that the Undecided Party of Canada has been receiving in your political news coverage - especialy considering the fact that it easily represented the largest number of eligible voters in the last two federal elections.

This exciting, innovative party offers the first truly imaginative approach to leadership and the political process since Caius Caesar appointed one of his horses to the Roman Senate (an entire horse - not like today), and I can only assume that the persistent 'cone of silence' regarding coverage of the UDP is evidence of a vast conspiracy between the mainstream political parties and the mainstream media - in a despicable attempt to shut out and shut down these original thinkers! (No offense.)

Granted, they are still not an OFFICIAL party. True, they have no candidates, no offices, not much of a platform, and a leader who doesn't, strictly speaking, exist - but is that THEIR fault?! Alright, it is - but would such a semi-existent party necessarily be a worse choice that the more established organizations when it comes to running the country? I THINK NOT!

Like the NDP, the UDP deserves just as much chance to screw up the nation as the Liberals and Conservatives have had - but without inclusion in political reporting, how can they be expected to compete with the parties that are currently dominating the headlines?

I trust that you will take steps to rectify this 'suspicious' oversight, and that we will see more of the UDP in your future stories.

(...Astroturfer may insert any additional personal thoughts in this space...)


This quality Astroturf brought to you by the Undecided Party of Canada.