Before we get started...

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Just for the record and so there isn't any confusion, let's be clear that the Undecided Party is not a recognized nor official national political party. (Indeed, some would say we don't exist at all - but that's a question for the philosophers.) The upshot of this fact is that you won't be able to write off any purchases made here as political contributions.

This online shop is simply a chance for those who are so inclined to buy (and in some cases, wear) a tangible declaration of their exasperation with politics as is. And in the interests of full disclosure, two bucks per item will be directed to the Undecided Party's webmaster, to pay for the costs of renting and maintaining server space, and (if sales obscenely exceed expectations) to get that operation for his poor, sweet, sainted, sickly grandmother.

The merchandise is created and sold by a print-on-demand service in California (prices in U.S. dollars). Printing quality on the t-shirts is the same as a good iron-on transfer (that's essentially what they are), and if you're a do-it-yourselfer who'd like to save the shipping time and money and do your own transfers, there are files back on the Contribute page that can be used for that purpose. Other items, like coffee mugs and wall clocks, don't have the same do-it-yourself option, but if you're concerned about quality, CafePress offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee (details onsite) on all its goods.

And now, with those caveats out of the way, "Welcome to the Undecided Party of Canada Online Store!"